9/11 timeline

Heraldblog links to this flash animation of the timeline of events on the morning of 9/11, while Bush read in front of the classroom in Florida. It highlights some interesting inconsistencies, flip-flops, if you will, of the "official record" of that day. It asks the question, why didn't Bush respond sooner to the attacks? I think that is a valid question, for if the timeline is correct, he knew something wierd was going on in NYC before he got to the school. When Andy Card whispered in his ear, he sat for 7 more minutes with the foreknowledge that there was already an attack on the first tower. Now, I don't think you can expect the President to have stopped the attack, for it had pretty much unfolded by the time he could have done anything about it. But I think it is a valid question to ask why he sat there for seven minutes. Larry King asked him this Thursday night, to which Bush responded,
" Well, I had just been told by Andrew Card that America was under attack. And I was collecting my thoughts. And I was sitting with a bunch of young kids, and I made the decision there that we would let this part of the program finish, and then I would calmly stand up and thank the teacher and thank the children and go take care of business.
Now, it is unclear what knowledge Bush had of the events prior to Andy Card whispering in his ear, but it seems pretty clear that he knew something was going on. Given that, I don't think sitting in front of kids for a few extra minutes is as important as getting up and keeping up to date of the situation. He didn't have to save the world, all he had to do was get up and walk out of the room. I would love to see Kerry ask the President whether or not he would do that again.