Busy Day

I'm finishing up packing, and enjoying my last day in Boston. Here are some interesting things I've read this morning... * Dahlia Lithwick on why characterizations of Bush being child-like are silly and dangerous. * Two Greek sprinters have withdrawn from the Olympics, thus avoiding expulsion. They have missed four drug tests, which is absolutely unexcusable in track and field. Good riddance. * Najaf continues to be a seems that twice a day the situation changes from "imminent destruction" to "shred of hope." It looks like this morning we are at "imminent destruction." Regardless of what happens, I'm sure this site will have to be updated. Does anyone care anymore that August is on pace to be the bloodiest and deadliest month for US troops since the beginning of the war? * A retiring Republican congressman, who voted for the war, has now come out with strong language against it. * Good question! It seems that ice is priced exorbitantly even without hurricanes. * This story is sort of like reading an article about another guy courting your girlfriend. * Why isn't Lance in the Olympics? * The race is getting closer...