Day 1

Travelled approximately 400 miles to Des Moines, IA this afternoon, as we finished the first day of our move to the Bay Area. Stopped in the Amish part of Iowa, which was really interesting. It really is like going back in time when you see them riding around on their horse buggies. Also, we found them very friendly, always waving at us when we passed by. We've also been conducting a poll trying to get a picture of the current Presidential race by counting the number of pro-candidate bumper stickers we see along the way. So far, the results are not good for Kerry. The tally is Kerry 2 (me included) and Bush 6. Its early and we still have California, so I expect a huge finishing surge for Kerry. There was also one weird incident today. We were driving along I-80 in Iowa, and passed a car with two college-aged women from Virginia. They had strange Virginia plates, which had the motto "Fight Terrorism" below the numbers. On their back window, they had written in blue soap, "We Love President Bush." Naturally, after seeing our far less obnoxious Kerry bumper sticker, they tried to pass us so that we would notice their obnoxiousness. As the passed us, I realized that they had a camcorder and had been videoing us from behind, and then as they passed us. I didn't feel to happy about that, so we wrote down the plate numbers. Anybody know if that is legal to video tape the license of another car while it is driving? Tomorrow we're going to try and make it to Cheyenne, which means tomorrow is Nebraska Day! Yeah!