Day 2

We drove 900 miles today. Originally, we planned on driving from Des Moinesto Cheyenne, Wyoming, but when we got to Cheyenne at 4pm we realized thatthere is nothing to do in Cheyenne, and that we ought to keep driving untilwe can't drive no more. Thus, we ended up in Rock Springs, Wyoming, whichis approximately 180 miles east of Salt Lake City. The cool thing is thatwe drove 900 miles in 11 hours, which is an 81.81 with a line over it average. Not bad. I was shocked to not see one single Presidential bumpersticker during this 900 mile trek. I was a little disappointed until I realizedthat for 900 miles, the only bumper sticker everyone else saw was a Kerrysticker. Considering I drove through Nebraska and Wyoming, though, I amprobably lucky to have not been run off the road. Speaking of politics,I will be voting for Bush* in November. I don't know how I came to thisconclusion, but it might have to do with the fact that the only thing onthe radio all day was Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, and Michael Reagan (in thatorder). Let me just say this: John Kerry is a lying, dishonorable, flip-flopping,Viet Cong loving, hippy lib.** In all seriousness, though, I actually agreedwith Bill O'Reilly, who was the only one of the aforementioned people toseriously cast doubt on the Swift Boat Vets. He actually informed a callerwho had not known that Kerry had saved someone else's life in Vietnam. Thiscaller had no idea and was speechless, since her whole reason for callinghad been swept from under her feet. The rest of these guys are just fuckingassholes.*** Tomorrow we will spend some time in Salt Lake City. Not sure if we will spend the night there, or whether or not we'll head to Nevada to find a hotel. I do know we'll be checking out the Mormon Temple, though. * This was a joke. ** This also was a joke. *** Not a joke.