Day 3

Now in Reno, NV. We drove a lot today, but not as far as yesterday. Salt Lake City was a really interesting place, and the Mormon Temple area was really strange. It is true, as Heraldblog notes in comments, that it is not possible to go into the Temple without being Mormon. They quiz you on the Book Of Mormom, and if you cannot successfully answer three questions, they banish you from Utah. I got the first two, but missed the last (who knew the seagull was the state bird?!) Since I answered two correctly (Joseph Smith and Peanut Butter), I was able to go into the Tabernacle, where the Mormom Tabernacle Choir sings. Also, I was able to view a short three minute video where I learned that Jesus Christ, after his death in Jerusalem, visited Native Americans in Utah. Strangely, I did not learn this at Catholic grade school. In the video, Jesus shows up and all the Native Americans already knew who he was. I found this to be strange, but didn't ask Sister Di Carlo (who was from France) how the Native Americans knew who Jesus was before he appeared in front of them. After leaving Salt Lake City, we stopped to look at the Great Salt Lake because it looked beautiful from inside my car. Big mistake. If you ever have the chance to get out of your car to look at the Great Salt Lake, I strongly advise you to keep driving. The lake stinks like shit, and I can still taste it 8 hours later. Driving through Nevada is like driving through Nebraska, only with more mountains. It is pretty amazing how you can drive from the Midwest to California and see so few people. That reminds me, Kerry had a pretty big day in the Blogenlust Bumpersticker Poll of the USA west of Wisconsin and East of San Francisco. I left the exact numbers in the car, but Kerry made up some significant ground, and might be able to take the lead depending on how long we drive in California tomorrow. We might have to drive up and down the streets of Berkeley for a few hours to keep it close, though. Let me reiterate one point from yesterday. AM Talk Radio in this country is the most foul abuse of free speech I've ever experienced. I cannot stand to listen to these assholes complain that the Swift Boat Veteran story isn't getting any press, as I drive 900 miles and all I hear on the radio is dishonest BS about the story. Only 3.5 hours left to our destination.