King John Stewart

I've been watching a lot of The Daily Show lately. I have come to the conclusion that John Stewart is the best news anchor on television because he is so good at cutting through spin and breaking an issue down into easy and digestable pieces. Exhibit A: Stewart's interview with Republican Congressman Harry Bonilla (you should be able to find the interview at that link). The interview focused on the Republican's claim that John Kerry and John Edwards are the #1 and #4 most liberal senators in the Senate. What those who use this soundbyte fail to mention is that this is a bit of a stretch, because the rankings only include last session. However, since both were campaigning for most of the last session, they missed many votes, and that skewed their "liberalness." If you take a composite assessment of their votes throughout their Senate careers, they both end up being far more moderate than Republicans have maintained. Stewart cuts to the chase so well, that Bonilla doesn't even see it coming.