Old what's his face

Isn't it strange that George Bush has only publicly mentioned Osama bin Laden 10 times since the beginning of 2003? You would think that the guy responsible for killing 3,000 American's would be more prevalent in the President's rhetoric. Its not like he doesn't mention 9/11 in almost every speech. Dan Froomkin writes:
Although there are certainly lots of enemies out there, public enemy number one is obviously al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. But Bush didn't mention bin Laden -- who, just six days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks Bush said he wanted "dead or alive," and who, almost three years later, is still at large. [...] And what I found is that Bush treats bin Laden a lot like those wizards in the Harry Potter books treat He Who Must Not Be Named. Since the beginning of 2003, in fact, Bush has mentioned bin Laden's name on only 10 occasions. And on six of those occasions it was because he was asked a direct question. In addition, there were four times when Bush was asked about bin Laden directly but was able to answer without mentioning bin Laden's name himself. Not once during that period has he talked about bin Laden at any length, or said anything substantive. During the same period, for comparison purposes, Bush has mentioned former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on approximately 300 occasions.
Interesting, considering Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. I'd love to know how many times Bush has invoked 9/11 during this same period. (via daily kos)