Passports vs No-Passports

Political Wire has the results of the new Zogby America poll. They show good news for Kerry who leads 47% to 43% over Bush when you factor in Nader and other small parties. In a two-way race, Kerry leads 50 to 43. Obviously, it is early, but good news nonetheless. What I wanted to draw attention to is the Presidential preferences for voters who have an active passport versus those without a passport. Passport-holding voters prefer Kerry 58% to 35%, while passport-less voters prefer Bush 48% to 39%. This makes sense to me, because anybody who has been out of the country during the past four years realizes two things: a) the media in our country presents the news with rose-colored glasses, and b) George W. Bush and his administration's policies are seriously disliked by the rest of the world. As a result, it doesn't surprise me that people who travel abroad would support Kerry. Going abroad for an American these days is an excercise in defending yourself from the image of a "Bush American." Or so it was for me.