Rhetoric vs. Reality

Via daily kos, I see that the Center for American Progress has put together a table depicting Bush Campaign promises from 2000 versus what the Administration actually did. Remember, results matter.
Nuclear Proliferation Then:"In an act of foresight and statesmanship, [Senator Lugar and Senator Sam Nunn in 1991] realized that existing Russian nuclear facilities were in danger of being compromised. The next president must press for an accurate inventory of all this material. [George W. Bush will] ask the Congress to increase substantially our assistance to Russia in dismantling as many of their weapons as possible, as quickly as possible." [Source: Bush-Cheney 2000 – Foreign Policy website]. Nuclear Proliferation Reality:Despite repeated claims this spring that he favors further expansion of the successful Nunn-Lugar program, Bush's proposed budget for FY 2005 cuts funding for Nunn-Lugar by 10 percent and cuts the Department of Energy's Russian nuclear security funding by 8 percent. [Source: Carnegie Endowment for Peace, 3/3/0/04] Tax Rhetoric:[B]y far the vast majority of my tax cuts go to the bottom end of the spectrum." [Source: George W. Bush, 2/15/00] Tax Reality:The top 20 percent of earners received 69.8 percent of President Bush's tax cuts. [Source: CBPP, 4/23/04, p. 17] Deficit Rhetoric: "As President, Governor Bush will…pay the debt down to a historically low level." [Source: Bush-Cheney 2000 website] Deficit Reality: "As of July 30, the national debt stood at $7,316,567,571,232.89, a record high.  This year's budget will also create a record deficit: $445 billion, according to the White House.  [Source: Treasury Department, 8/3/04, Reuters, 7/31/04]