State of the Blog

I recommend that anyone who has a blog read this post at far_east. I really like this:
Now I have given that up; equating site hits with personal worth (which is the idea behind those hit counters, isn't it?) is awfully deflating. And I just can't affect the snark properly. Aren't there enough sites like that already? If this is truly the replacement for the old media, then we need diversity, not echoes. Which means that we need a style section, a living and arts section, sports, culture, and so on. Find your niche (it probably won't be the headlines -- those are too crowded already) and blog away. I personally find the most interesting sites to be the ones that are the most human, with the personal stories and reflections. That's just my own personal bias, I know.
I think it is difficult to publish a blog without mimicking to some extent the blogs that you regularly read. For myself, I began reading blogs for political discussions and viewpoints I couldn't find in other places. I happened upon kos and atrios in their early days. I think the first blog I ever read was Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World, and I only found that because I enjoyed his comics in the Des Moines Cityview. I was pretty content just reading blogs until this past spring when I decided to try and point out the things that I had been reading and found important to my friends and family. It was something I thought I could do in a small and insignificant way. This summer, I took a short break from blogging, but soon realized that it had become an important part of my emotional health--it provided an outlet for me to vent my frustrations on the state of the nation and the world. So I decided to start over, and if people read it, great. For me, though, its nice to get things off my chest, and read about other people's opinions on what I'm thinking. FYI: In the next week, I will be relocating to the other side of the country--Boston to the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been done with grad school for a few months, and have been looking for a job, with no luck yet. Hopefully, though, that luck will change in the next few weeks when I am actually settled in an area for an indefinite period of time (want my resume??) I'm going to be driving out to the Bay Area from the Midwest next week, so my blogging will be a little light, but hopefully I'll be able to document the trip with pictures and observations. I plan on stopping in the Amish country of Iowa for certain (yes, because of Amish in the City), but have no plans for anything else, nor any rush to get anywhere. Also, I will be commissioning the first and only Blogenlust International Bumper Sticker Poll, in which I will tally the numbers of pro-candidate or anti-opponent bumper stickers for Kerry and Bush, respectively. When I finish the trip, I should have a pretty accurate estimation of the Presidential race, which of course I will share.