Thoughts on the RNC

So I caught the last 45 minutes of Guiliani's speech at the RNC on the radio. I guess when the Republicans talk about how this convention will lay out their plan for the future, what that really means is they will spend a lot of time belittling President Kerry in the next four years. I found it a little strange that Guiliani would disagree with the bipartisan 9/11 Commission, and suggest that Saddam Hussein was "a pillar of global terrorism." The Republicans will try to lump Iraq into the War on Terror, even though evidence suggests that such a link is grossly negligent. They would like to convince the American people that Bush's Iraq misadventure was standing up to the threat of Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, 1000 Americans have died for this misconception, yet we have Guiliani, McCain, and the rest of the GOP creating bullshit excuses for their deaths. I also found it funny that Guiliani, in providing examples throughout history where terrorists were appeased, failed to mention the truck bombing which killed over 200 Marines in Lebanon, without any response from Reagan (except invading Grenada). Its funny because he didn't forget the bombing of the USS Cole, which happened under Clinton. Anyway, "Thank God George Bush and Dick Cheney are in charge!" I haven't yet read McCain's speech, but I'm sure its more of the same. Sure, McCain is a principled politician, which makes him a Republican I can respect. On the other hand, I think his continuous defence of the Iraq War, despite the Abu Grhaib incident, is downright delusional. Finally, I'm so goddamn sick of Republicans saying that John Kerry would be the worst thing for this country in dealing with the War on Terror. It is like when after 9/11, people used to say, "Could you imagine if Al Gore was President??" Yes, I can. He would have acted in much the same way that Bush did, although he wouldn't have invaded Iraq and we would be better off for it. This idea that we can only defeat terrorists by going on the offensive, which in Republican parlance means invade and conquer, is complete lunacy. There are other ways of undermining terrorism, one of which involves brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine, or at the very least trying to appear objective in the dispute. Another radical approach to fighting terrorism is finding the guy responsible for killing 3,000 Americans. I know, it sounds crazy. The Republicans want us to forget that Bush asked for OBL "dead or alive." They will try to confuse us by changing the subject to Saddam Hussein, who "was an evil, dangerous dictator, who no longer can torture his own people." Don't be fooled. Despite whatever the Republicans trot out this week, the fact of the matter is that there is a big fucking white elephant in Madison Square Garden, and his name is Osama bin Laden.