Update: Sadr vs. Allawi

It appears that Muqtada Sadr is calling for the resignation of the Allawi government.
NAJAF: Radical cleric Moqtada Al Sadr last night urged Iraq's "dictatorial" interim government to resign and said his militia would fight US forces in the holy city of Najaf until death or victory, his spokesman said. The spokesman quoted Sadr as telling supporters at Imam Ali Mosque: "I advise the dictatorial, agent government to resign ... the whole Iraqi people demands the resignation of the government ... they replaced Saddam (Hussein) with a government worse than him. "I will not leave this holy city," the spokesman quoted Sadr as telling supporters who chanted "no, no to America". "We will remain here defending the holy shrines till victory or martyrdom." Sadr's Mehdi Army militia have been battling US and Iraqi government troops in Najaf for more than a week. He warned supporters that a truce in the city might be a ploy to trick his men into laying down their weapons. Sadr urged supporters in other cities in central and southern Iraq to continue their uprising, saying the truce was restricted to Najaf. A Sadr spokesman Al Shinabi said the cleric was wounded in the chest, arm and leg in the cemetery earlier in the day but Interior Minister Naqib denied Sadr was wounded and said a truce had been in force since last night.
Juan Cole (do I need to even mention anymore where this stuff comes from?) seems to think that "Allawi and the Americans have Muqtada right where he wants them." Seems like we have a habit of putting our selves in the exact position our adversaries want us(OBL and Iraq, anyone?) Cole also mentions the increasing number of Iraqi (and Iranian and Lebanese) cities that have witnessed large anti-occupation/American demonstrations in recent days.