US Troop Realignment

The Financial Times is reporting that the US will announce Monday that it is pulling 70,000 troops out of Europe and Asia.
People briefed on the plan say two-thirds of the reductions will come in Europe, most of them military personnel stationed in Germany who will be sent back to US bases. An additional 100,000 support staff and military families worldwide will be part of the realignment. The changes are expected to be announced by President George W. Bush at a speech to the Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars in Cinncinatti, Ohio, on Monday. [...] In Asia, the reduction is expected to include the 3,500-soldier brigade from South Korea, which was recently deployed to Iraq. There will also be a shift of some European command headquarters. The navy's European HQ, which has been in London since the second world war, will be moved to Naples.
I have been advocating that the US needs to send more troops into Iraq and Afghanistan if we intend to secure a viable stability in both countries. Although is says that many of the European forces will be sent to US bases, I can't imagine they will stay there very long. I would imagine they'll come home just in time for the political benefits of "bringing the boys home" to affect Bush. However, after the election, and it doesn't matter who wins, they'll be off to the Middle East and Central Asia. If Bush wins, they might be off to Tehran.