Vernon Robinson is a racist tool

Would you believe that a Republican congressional candidate would stoop to this level?
A Pakistani man charged with immigration violations after being arrested after videotaping Charlotte skyscrapers is described as a "terrorist" in a new television ad from a North Carolina congressional candidate. Vernon Robinson, a Winston-Salem city council member, began airing the ads just days before his runoff election Tuesday in the Republican primary for the 5th District. Robinson faces state Sen. Virginia Foxx of Watauga County. [...] Robinson's ad shows a picture of Akhtar. In the ad, an announcer says: "This is Pakistani terrorist Kamran Akhtar. He got arrested videotaping targets in Charlotte, North Carolina. He came here illegally, across our Mexican border." Then Robinson speaks. "I'm Vernon Robinson and I approve this message because Akhtar didn't come here to live the American dream. He came here to kill you."
What a fucking idiot. Of course, what this ad fails to mention is that Tom Ridge doesn't think there is any evidence to link Akhtar to terrorism. Imagine that. Vernon Robinson is a racist tool. (via Political Wire)