How to Debate George Bush

Al Gore writes in to today's Times, offering John Kerry advice about How to Debate George Bush. Let me summarize it for you in my own words. 1) Don't sigh loudly and frequently whenever George Bush gives his answer (no matter how bad you want to). We all feel the same way you do, but its unbecoming. 2) Don't look stiff and awkward in one debate, and then too angry in another, and finally act just right in the last debate. Consistency is key. 3) Don't assume that just because George Bush doesn't have to tell the truth about his policies, that you don't either. The media and the Republicans won't let you get away with it. Actually, Gore didn't mention any of these things, but he should have. If he wouldn't have sighed too much in the first debate of 2000, and had not presented three different personas in three different debates, he very well might have become President. Alas, he didn't, and isn't. Nevertheless, if I were John Kerry, I'd read what he has to say anyway.