NewsFire. Mac RSS with Style.

I've just recently discovered the beauty of RSS readers. The sites that I read daily, or multiple times a day, seem to be constantly increasing, and in order to be able to get other things done during the day, it helps to have the aggregating possibilities of an RSS reader. The one that I had been using, and recommended on the left, is Net News Wire. Its pretty nice, but the price will be steep once the demo expires. However, I just recently discovered NewsFire, which although in its early beta release, looks to be very promising. I've been messing around with it for a little bit, and really like the way it feels. If you have a Mac, and really, why wouldn't you? :), check it out. If you've never used an RSS reader before, I also suggest you look into them. They make my reading and information gathering much more centralized and quicker.