Where are the jobs?

Mark Kleiman wants us to keep something in mind:
This comment from John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO hasn't gotten as much attention yet as I think it deserves: He promised to create five million new jobs, and so far he's six million short. Just remember: President Bush, who doesn't think American can win the war on terror, has dismally failed to keep his promises on the economy. (And let's not hear any alibis about how the President doesn't really control the rate at which jobs are created. Of course that's true, but it was just as true when Mr. Bush [WDTACWTWOT] made the promises he has failed to keep.) The President's evident satisfaction with the mediocre performance of the economy on his watch must be the product of the soft bigotry of low expectations.
We aren't hearing enough about this stuff. Sure, today's job numbers were better than the last few months, but we are still far, FAR short of what we were told to expect from Bush's tax cuts. Will Bush be held accountable for anything?