Abu Ghraib

I find it a little strange that Abu Ghraib has not been a bigger focus of the Kerry campaign. It is hard to overstate the damage those pictures of torture and abuse have done for not only the United States' image abroad, but also our attempt to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis. I mean think about it, we ostensibly went to war to take out a dictator who used "rape rooms and torture" against his own people. And what do we, the liberators, do when we get there? Rape and torture. The New York Times has an editorial in this morning's paper regarding the lack of accountability for the architects of our torture policy. Sadly, unaccountability is the trademark of this Administration. We need Kerry to win in order to restore our national image--I'm a little concerned about the message that will be sent to the rest of the world if Bush is re-elected. Imagine the lack of accountability that will continue if he we reinforce his imaginary mandate? If we try to pretend like Abu Ghraib never happened, we'd be committing an even greater atrocity against ourselves.