Alternate Universe

You might have seen today's job numbers for the month of September, which all things considered, are not very good for the Administration or the nation (96,000 were created, but we need 150,000 just to keep up with the growth rate of population). However, if you caught the MSNBC site early this morning, you would have seen an entirely different story. Yes, that's right. The headline says 300,000 jobs created in a boost for President Bush. Somebody jumped the gun, and "miscalculated"--big time. Funny thing is, it isn't the first time in the last two days that the major media have reported something that wasn't true, but sounded optimistic for President Bush. Yesterday, the AP released a story that reported Bush won the election by a 47 percent to 43 percent margin. Those playing along at home will note that the election is in fact on November 2nd. What the hell is going on here? People need to lose their jobs over stuff like this. Who knows, it might have been a blip in the matrix, a glimpse of an alternate universe where bad news is good news for Bush. hat tips to rising-hegemon and oliver willis