Democracy is Fun

I just voted. In the interest of being fair and balanced, I won't disclose for whom, but lets just say he is the Senator of the Red Sox. Thank God for the Red Sox. I actually think they'll win this series, but it might require the pitchers to start throwing underhand!! (that was a joke on the fact that they've played so many innings and gone through so many pitchers---bada bing!) I had to go to bed early on Sunday night so I missed the end of the game, but when I did go to bed, the Sox were down and it was the bottom of the 8th. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to see all the Boston idiots running around like they just won the World Series! Tonight's game was also pretty incredible. Baseball is almost certainly more fun than voting. In other, less exciting news, I've been in the Midwest for the past few days and I have to tell you how strange it is to see so many things relating to the Presidential race. We don't have that so much in California. It's no wonder that everyone I've talked to is sick of hearing about the damn election. Isn't democracy a pain in the ass? I've also met a few "fucking idiots" who still don't know who to vote for. The scary thing is these are the people who will determine the course of the country over the next four to eight years! The good news is that on my parent's block, Kerry is winning in the yard sign race, 3 to 1. That isn't counting at least one other person I know is a Democrat, but doesn't have a sign.