I came across a few new blogs this weekend and have added them on the right (The Liberal Slut, Mr. Underhill, and Virtual Pus). Virtual Pus points out that the US is delaying major assaults on rebel-held cities in Iraq until after the US elections in November. The clear implication is that such an assault will be a bloody fucking mess and will not reflect well on the person who led us into the war on now discredited justifications. I think it was The Onion that once ran a story on how great it would have been if the Bush Administration would have put as much planning into post-war Iraq as they do into their re-election campaign. How true. It should chap everyone's ass that this is going on. The thing that irks me the most is that the Bush team will continue to attack Kerry for changing his mind on Iraq depending on the current political winds. Bullshit. You can always tell where the Bush Administration is most vulnerable by seeing how they attack Kerry. The real victims of all this, of course, are the troops and the Iraqis. The troops are just sitting around, waiting to attack an enemy that is not only hard to find, but smart enough to realize what is going on and prepare for the inevitable. The Iraqis are going to have a helluva time avoiding the inevitable carpet bombing that will commence on November 3rd. Meanwhile, back in the USA, the President is campaiging on a record of deception regarding Iraq and is trying his best to de-emphasize American casualties in order to coax half the country into believing that he should be the one to lead us out of the mess he created! Best of all, people actually believe it! Wonderful time to be alive, ain't it?