As Bush's re-election campaign is dictating practically everything these days, it is important to remember that come November 3rd, the shit will continue to hit the fan in Iraq.
US marines on Friday announced they were in preparations for a "decisive" assault on Falluja and the town of Ramadi. "We are gearing up for a major operation," Brigadier General Denis Hajlik told reporters at a base near Falluja. "If we do so, it will be decisive and we will whack them."
Of course, we've already been whacking them. The situation there is really serious, as you can tell. I've heard from people who have loved ones stationed in Fallujah that they are being told to pray a lot and that they're going to be heroes. Of course, the latter is true regardless of what happens, but it pisses me off that they are even in this position. Remember, this all could have been prevented had the adults been in charge from the beginning.