Further Evidence That Democracy is Hardwork

I have a hard time rationalizing how 60,000 mailed ballots are missing in Broward County, Florida.
FORT LAUDERDALE - The Broward County Supervisor of Elections office on Tuesday said it couldn't account for nearly 60,000 missing absentee ballots sent to voters and that its phone lines were being overwhelmed by calls. Hoping to avoid another embarrassing election, Broward County commissioners Tuesday offered to send county employees to help. Dozens of county employees could begin assisting the elections office as early as today to answer telephone calls and to process voters at the 14 early voting sites. "What we are seeing is unprecedented so if the supervisor of elections needs our help, we will help," county mayor Ilene Lieberman said. Just six days away from the general election, the Supervisor of Elections office has fielded hundreds of complaints from people who have yet to receive their absentee ballot. Countless more have been unable to get through to election officials to complain or get their questions answered. "I tried for the last week or so to call the elections office, and it's just busy continually," said 70 year-old Paula Zubatkin, whose four-week old request for an absentee ballot has gone unanswered. "I want to vote." Election officials also said they launched an investigation and found that many of the missing ballots - 58,000 of them - were sent Oct. 7 and Oct. 8. The problem, they say, lies with the post office. Post office officials say they are not at fault.
The only reason I know Broward County exists is because of the 2000 Election debacle. One would think that they would take extra care this time around. Broward County, of course, is heavily Democratic. Not that I'm suggesting anything.