Kerry boost in Newsweek poll

The latest Newsweek poll shows Kerry up 3 pts (2 if you include Nader):
"Oct. 2 - With a solid majority of voters concluding that John Kerry outperformed George W. Bush in the first presidential debate on Thursday, the president’s lead in the race for the White House has vanished, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll. In the first national telephone poll using a fresh sample, NEWSWEEK found the race now statistically tied among all registered voters, 47 percent of whom say they would vote for Kerry and 45 percent for George W. Bush in a three-way race."
Love how they say "statistically tied" when Kerry has a 3 pt lead. It will definitely be interesting to see how the polls react this week to last week's debates. I suspect that the Newsweek poll is a sign of things to come for the Bush campaign. Remember, Newsweek had Bush up +11 after the Convention and +5 two weeks ago.