Kerry For President

In case you haven’t noticed, or are visiting for the first time, Blogenlust is endorsing John Kerry for President. There are about a million different reasons for this, but the most important for me is that I believe Kerry will be better able to deal with the many problems, both domestically and internationally, that the United States is facing. The war on terrorism and our war in Iraq are complex problems. We need a leader that is willing to think hard about these issues and think outside the box. George Bush is incapable of doing this. Terrorism is an asymmetric threat that requires asymmetric thinking to adequately deal with the problem. I do not think that Bush’s black vs. white, us vs. them, good vs. evil way of framing the issue is the appropriate solution. In fact, it is detrimental to the overall effort of countering terrorism because it looks at a non-traditional threat through a traditional lens. The war in Iraq is a perfect example of this (leaving aside the fact that the justifications for the war were all false). Terrorism will not be defeated by dealing with it at the state level. It might help, but if it is the only focus of our war on terrorism, and under Bush by all indications it is, we’ll end up getting bogged down in situations that ultimately hurt us more than our targets—supporters of terrorism. As if his framing of the issue wasn’t bad enough, Bush’s inability to plan for the aftermath (or even recognize various possibilities, for that matter) of the war in Iraq has been the single most damaging mistake of his Presidency, and it is one that has serious implications for our economy, military, and our national security. We are paying for this mistake through the lives of soldiers, a skyrocketing national debt, and an increase in the animosity towards the US. And yet, the buck stops anywhere but the feet of the Bush Administration. To reward these mistakes with the reelection of George Bush would be a tragic mistake. I believe that John Kerry understands these issues in a way that George Bush is incapable of doing. You simply cannot fight terrorism unless you understand the nature of the threat. George Bush’s understanding stops at “It’s evil”-- an accurate description, but not sufficient to truly do something about it. Moreover, terrorism is a threat that is not unique to the United States. As a result, we need to bridge the gap between our allies, and even non-allies, in order to effectively fight it. John Kerry will be able to do a better job of working with the international community than Bush has demonstrated in the past four years. This will have very real, positive consequences for our national security. We can’t do this alone, and we can’t do it without the full support of other nations. Finally, I think that Kerry will be more honest with Americans. Right now, we are not getting an accurate picture of the seriousness of Iraq, the seriousness of the debt, the problems with Social Security and public education, as well as many other important issues. Ignorance is bliss is not an effective governing policy. Things need to change, and this needs to start with the election of John Kerry. This election is about George Bush, not about John Kerry. It is painfully obvious how worse off we are now than just four years ago--and things aren't looking good for the future. There is only one person responsible for this, and it isn't a Senator from Massachusetts.