The Last Debate

Too much prayer crap. I felt like I was watching Dr. Phil. Not one question on the environment? No questions on stem cell research, fucking gas is $2.60/gallon and no questions on our foreign dependance on oil? Nice work Bob! Kerry looked Presidential. Bush looked like he was trying too hard. I didn't think there was a lot of substance to this debate, partly because of the moderator, but also because both candidates were set on regurgitating their canned messages from previous debates and the campaign trail. It's a damn shame there wasn't more substance, because there are a lot of serious issues facing this country on the domestic front. In my opinion, the Bush Administration has fanned the flames of these problems and should be held accountable for that. Fortunately, I thought Kerry did a good job of doing this at very opportune times. Oh, and you should watch this. I'd like to go back to the prayer stuff for just one second. I thought Kerry handled that much better than I thought he would. He did a great job of using his faith and morals to point out how this country isn't doing a good job "loving its neighbors" both domestically and internationally. That was gold, Poneyboy, gold! I predict Kerry will win. Bush is toast.