Live blogging (sorta) plane trip from San Francisco to Milwaukee

12:35AM PST: Very tired, looking forward to sleeping the three hours to Minneapolis. I board the plane. 12:37AM PST: An old man arrives to take the seat next to me. 12:38AM PST: Old man whips out "Unfit for Command" and begins reading from pg.25. 12:38AM PST: Wonderful. Now what do I do? Tell him that if he wants to waste money, next time he can just send it directly to me? No, too harsh. Strike up conversation about the book? No, I don't want to end up like this. How can this otherwise sane looking man decide to purchase such a piece of shit (hardcover, too! Its only 1 inch thick!)? 12:38AM PST--04:00AM PST: Try to rationalize this poor old man. Get no sleep. 04:05AM: Land. Wait for next flight. Write this stupid post, but think it's funny, anyway.