Next Week is "Prepare for the Draft Week"

A friend of mine who still attends my alma mater forwarded me the schedule for this week's "Conservative Week" at the school.
Tuesday, October 26 Free Flip Flops distributed, XXXX, 11 am - 2 pm and 5 - 7 pm Wednesday, October 27 Honor Our Troops and Support Our Veterans Day Thank you card writing for our troops. Speakers included former Governor of Iowa Terry Branstad and the National College Republicans Chair Eric Hoplin. XXXX, 4-6 pm Thursday, October 28 Ronald Reagan Day Free Ronald Reagan buttons and information available in XXXX, 11 am - 2 pm and 5 -7 pm Friday, October 29 Ann Coulter is speaking at XXX. Carpooling available at Carpools will leave from XXX approximately 6:15 pm
I have to admit that Flip Flop day is pretty clever. You know they didn't think that up themselves! Five hours of Reagan propaganda on Thursday? Wow. And to top it all off, Ann Coulter on Friday. Where can I send an alumni donation?! For reasons of personal integrity, I took out all references to the school.