Retroactive Responsibility

That was quick. Yesterday, in commenting on the missing tons of explosives in Iraq, I asked, "Who will they blame for this?" Thankfully, Scott McClellan provides an answer:
White House spokesman Scott McClellan said President Bush wants to determine what went wrong. McClellan, on Air Force One, stressed that the missing explosives were not nuclear materials, and said the storage site was the responsibility of the interim Iraqi government, not the United States, as of June 28, when the United States turned over the nation's administration to the Iraqis. McClellan said the Iraqi government reported the missing weaponry to the IAEA on October 10, and the IAEA informed the U.S. mission in Vienna on October 15. National security adviser Condoleezza Rice was told a few days later, then informed the president.
So you see, even though the theft took place 18 months ago, in the immediate aftermath of the war, it was the Iraqi interim government's responsibility, even though they didn't exist at the time. (via josh marshall)