Rumsfeld Denies Draft Prospects

TalkLeft reports on a recent Rumsfeld interview in which he denies rumors that there are plans to reinstate the draft. Rumsfeld's answer?: "Oh my goodness, no." Now, I think the prospects of a draft are slim, but shoot me in the face if I'll ever take Don Rumsfeld's word on anything again. The possibility of a draft is obviously worrying a number of people, so much so that Bush threw something into the end of his closing statement Thursday about keeping the military "all volunteer" and Edwards last week categorically stated a Kerry Administration wouldn't bring back the draft. The major reason why I think the draft is unlikely is due to the overwhelming public opposition--I do not think any President wants to have to deal with the political implications of reinstating it. However, the Army has seen better days, and I'm not convinced that we can do the right job in Iraq with the current number of troops presently in country. I won't even mention the extra strains placed on the armed forces if (for example) North Korea flexes some muscle. I guess we'll all just have to wait with bated breath. However, don't trust a goddamn word that Rumsfeld says.