September Among Deadliest Months for U.S. in Iraq

Nothing to see here:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - September was one of the deadliest months for U.S. troops in the 18-month-old war in Iraq (news - web sites), and the death toll for the first time has risen four straight months. At least 76 U.S. troops were killed this month, reflecting a steady increase in American deaths since the United States transferred sovereignty to the interim Iraqi government headed by Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on June 28, officially ending the occupation, according to a count of U.S. fatalities announced by the Pentagon (news - web sites). Forty-two U.S. troops were killed in June, 54 in July and 66 in August. Only three other months have produced a higher American death count than September since U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq in March 2003 to topple President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites). The highest death count, with 135 U.S. military fatalities, came this past April, with the simultaneous flaring of the insurgency in the so-called Sunni Triangle and in the Shi'ite south. Eighty were killed in May as well.
Casualties are going to be a part of war, but you can't put lipstick on a pig --or something (did I get that right?)--and that is what this Administration is trying to do with the situation in Iraq. The situation is much worse than we found it and it is a direct result of fundamental "miscalculations" by the Bush Administration. John Kerry is going to have a mess on his hands.