VP debate

Curious to hear what people thought of the VP debate. I disagree with Jesse, in that I thought Edwards was best in the first third of the debate, specifically in attacking the Administration's Iraq policy. I thought Edwards was worst in trying to justify his ticket's stance on gay marriage--something I think they deserve because it is stupid--you can't defend being against gay marriage, in my opinion. Overall, Edwards I think looked better, which probably gives him an edge. Cheney's body language was horrible--he talked into his folded hands a lot. From some of the online polls I've seen, Edwards was the clear winner, which sort of surprised me, since I thought it was closer while watching. Cheney lied a lot, and made this funny slip. Andrew Sullivan had a surprising response. He thought this debate was a car wreck for Bush compared to last Thursday. I guess I thought last Thursday was far more damaging to Bush than Cheney's performance tonight. However, I don't think Cheney did anything to improve on Bush's performance, and Edwards did enough to keep up with Kerry's. Kevin Drum also has a good rundown of some of the more official polls released immediately after the debate (consensus: Edwards probably won). If this post was a little erratic it's because I'm trying to watch The Daily Show, read the responses of the debate, and type this post.