Brett Faverah: Best Ever?

ESPN has a nice profile on Brett Favre, who is about to start his 200th game in a row. To put that in perspective, Joe Montana didn't even play 200 games in his career! Favre is simply one of the best players in the NFL, and I'm not sure there is an athlete I'd rather have leading my team in all of pro sports. As a Packer fan growing up in Wisconsin (I know, it's redundant), I've had the chance to follow his career and the thing that stands out in my mind is his ability to overcome adversity. In this past year alone, Favre has had to deal with a lot of serious issues off the field:
In the last 11 months, Favre has lost his father, Irv, to a heart attack; lost his brother-in-law, Casey Tynes, in an all-terrain vehicle crash on his estate in Mississippi; and learned that his wife, Deanna, had breast cancer. Favre has played through a series of injuries this season -- concussion, bruised hamstring, sprained hand, sprained thumb -- but on Monday night he will step on Lambeau Field against the St. Louis Rams and start his 200th consecutive game, an amazing NFL record he continues to push further and further out of reach. By any measure, Favre's success under duress surpasses all understanding.
In spite of all this, Favre and the Packers have won five straight games, and are now tied for first place in their division. More importantly, my prediction is still intact. Fun fact: Favre's first completion was to himself.