The Corner: Meltdown Central?

It might be fun to watch the meltdown at The Corner this afternoon.
CRIMINEY! [Jonah Goldberg] I went out for a brief lunch with missus and I come back to discover things are going south? What the...? From what I'm hearing, Florida's an uphill climb right now and New Hampshire's a lost cause. Trying to nail things down. Posted at 02:34 PM [...] RUMOR [NRO Staff] bush down 4 in ohio, down 4 in fla, downm 1 in NM, down 1 in mich, down 2 iowa As Kathryn said, these early reports are unreliable, but these are numbers we just got from a major newsroom. Take with a grain of salt. Posted at 02:33 PM FLORIDA EXITS [KJL] Hearing Kerry one ahead, from multiple (media and political) sources Posted at 02:12 PM WARNING [KJL] Do not, again, do not take any exit poll resports too seriously. JUST GET OUT THE VOTE. Exit polls not always reliable, ESPECIALLY early ones. AND, this isn't over until the polls close. So please get to work while there is still time. DO NOT get depressed. DO NOT get mad. JUST GET OUT THE VOTE. I contend this is the most important election of many of our lifetimes. I'm almost willing to make a deal and give the Dems 2008 if we can have this one. Posted at 02:10 PM
Of course, this could all change, and I'll end up looking stupid (what else is new?), but it's fun while it lasts!