Election Cycle Through The Eyes of Political Cartoonists

For those in the Bay Area and/or those who will have access to Internet radio tomorrow morning, KQED's Forum is taking a look at the election cycle through the eyes of political cartoonists. There will be three great cartoonists on the program: Don Asmussen (The Bad Reporter in the SF Chronicle), Henry Payne (Detroit Free Press), and Mikhaela Reid (The Boston Phoenix). Mikhaela is also a blogger and I'm a really big fan of her work, so make sure to check it out! The idea for this show originated out of a perceived need to provide anti-anxiety material on a day that will surely be chock full of anxiety for millions of people. It will air at 10am PST (1pm EST, 12pm Central). If you're inclined, also check out the 9am hour, which will be an entire hour of open phone lines. You can get the KQED feed from the website above, or listen on iTunes. Or if you live in the Bay Area, 88.5 FM.