Election Eve

It is finally Election Eve. I've personally been waiting for this day since November 9, 2000, when I warned my college roommates that the shit was going to hit the fan in the next four years. And it did. Big time, as the Vice President might say. There are a few sites out there that do a really good job of updating trends practically every hour, which is either really helpful or really stressful, or both. I've been following Slate, Daily Kos, My DD, Political Wire, and, for balance, Real Clear Politics. Atrios and Josh Marshall have also been doing a really good job of bringing together all the breaking stories on voter disenfranchisement efforts. Finally, some good momentum news from Josh Marshall:
According to Gallup's mega-final-ultra poll out Sunday evening, 30% of registered voters in Florida have already voted, either through early voting or by absentee. Of those who have already voted, Kerry leads President Bush 51% to 43%. According to the Des Moines Register poll out late Saturday evening, 27% of Iowa adults have already voted. And among those Kerry leads 52% to 41%. Both numbers seem good for Kerry -- though they may mean a lot of different thing.
He also wonders why these numbers don't add up to 100%, which is a very good question considering these are people that have actually voted. Regardless, if these numbers are even close to correct, Bush will have an uphill climb tomorrow in two key states.