Exit Poll Analysis

I've got the LA Times' national exit polls in my hand and wanted to share with you some interesting results: Region East 24% (of all voters) 42% (Bush) 57% (Kerry) Midwest 24% 54% 45% South 32% (!!!) 57% 42% West 20% 49% 50% Sexuality Heterosexual 96% (of all voters) 53% (Bush) 46% (Kerry) Gay/Lesbian/Bi 4% 17% (!!) 83% The South is the reason why Bush won the popular vote. When 1/3 of all votes cast come from your strongest region, you're doing alright. I think that the South came out in droves because of the gay marriage initiatives in many of the southern states, and speaking of which, I find it hard to believe that homosexuals only cast 4% of all the votes. Something tells me there were a lot of Southern voters who were lying on that one. And what's up with 17% of the GLB vote going to Bush?