Powell Bails

Powell's resignation shouldn't really be a surprise. It became pretty clear early in this Admimistration that Powell was nothing more than a trophy member. He didn't wield any power on issues that mattered (cough, Iraq, cough) and he was basically used as a tool by the Vice President and others to sell the war in Iraq (cough, bullshit UN speech, cough). In the end, I think the soldiers' mentality that Powell brought to the job was manipulated to the point that he was almost irrelevant in serious foreign policy decisions. I can't really forgive him for this, even if the fix was in on him from the start. My respect for Powell was very high before he joined Bush's Cabinet and it steadily decreased over the last four years. The big moment for me was his speech to the UN, which he knew was a scam. Of course, this is most upsetting because Powell is about the only one that I trusted in this Administration to not completely fuck things up. Hopefully they don't promote anyone who fucked up more (e.g. Rice) to SoS. UPDATE: Apparently, Rice is the top choice. This sucks. Remember, besides being one of the most incompetent NSA's of all time, Rice has been in charge of the rebuilding of Iraq since last October! Seriously think about how bad things have deteriorated in Iraq during the last year. It is amazing that she is even allowed to keep her job much less be promoted to Secretary of State! Hopefully this is just a rumor.