I'd like to apologize if I got a little carried away last night and today. I was frustrated and this blog has always been a place for me to vent and express myself. I only write about this stuff because I'm hard-wired to care about it, and I realize that venting my frustration (while cathartic) adds nothing helpful towards convincing others to consider the political policies that I advocate. That isn't really like me--I think people like Michael Moore are entertaining, but don't really achieve what they want because of the way they deliver it. I think I was moving in that direction today, and I regret it. Smarter people than I have the right idea, and anybody interested in winning next time should pay attention and take notes. That being said, I'm still really frustrated about how things went last night. The way I look at it now, though, I can do one of either two things. I can continue to complain and throw blame around, which would probably result in alienating the people I want to open up to the things I believe in. The other thing I could do is think about why I'm frustrated, what people could have done differently, and how we can fix it next time. The best route, I believe, is the latter, and it is the one I'm going to try and focus on in this blog and in my conversations with others over the forseeable future. I really think that Democrats can do a better job framing their policies and reaching out to people that are open to their politics (by open, I mean those who can most benefit from Democratic politics, but haven't voted Democratic in the past few elections). I think this has been a fundamental mistake at the party level, and last night proved that it has to change in order for Democrats to win a national election (and Will Saletan agrees). We can't always rely on the charisma of a Clinton to win the Presidency, we need to have ideas and policies first and charisma second (I think I read that this afternoon at Atrios). I don't think it is practical to wait for the Democratic leadership to take this up. It really has to start with people in their everyday conversations. Anyhoo...I really hate posting things like this...I'd rather just share things I find interesting and comment on them. That is what I'm going to get back to while keeping in mind what I wrote above. Also, on a side note, if anyone can tell me why the posts taper as you scroll down I'd REALLY appreciate it.