No More Lighters On Airplanes

Wow. Go Congress!
WASHINGTON (AP) - Passengers already are barred from smoking on commercial flights. Now they won't be allowed to bring their butane lighters on board either. As part of the intelligence reform bill passed Wednesday, Congress added the lighters to the long list of items, including scissors, pen knives and box cutters, that passengers are barred from carrying on to planes. The ban does not apply to checked luggage.
I never understood why this was even possible in the first place (answer: tobacco lobby), especially after 9/11 and double especially after Richard Reid tried to blow up a plane by lighting his shoe bomb with a lighter. This should have been a no brainer, and I'm glad that Congress has finally done something about it. Note: This isn't an endorsement of the new intelligence bill, which I think doesn't really do too much in the way of making us safer, but it just goes to show that not all pork is bad.