No Shit?

Tell me something I didn't know?
Victor Conte, the man at the center of the BALCO doping scandal, says he provided performance-enhancing drugs to Marion Jones before and after the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and gave steroids to Barry Bonds' trainer, Greg Anderson. The charges are among several explosive allegations the man in the center of the BALCO scandal made in a wide-ranging interview in the upcoming issue of ESPN the Magazine.Conte's claims include: He personally gave "The Clear," an undetectable steroid, to Bonds' trainer. He watched Marion Jones inject human growth hormone in 2001. Conte says he ended his relationship with Jones because she was careless about taking the drugs, and twice left her growth hormone behind in hotel rooms. His first steroid client was former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski. Olympic drug testers are so ill-equipped to detect sophisticated steroids, they gave Tim Montgomery a clean bill of health while he was on an elaborate cocktail of insulin, growth hormone and "The Clear."
Fasten your seatbelts, the BALCO case is going to be like unmasking Santa Claus to a six year old. Performance enhancing drugs are like vitamins to many of the top athletes in a variety of sports. This case should do away with the allusion that the problem is sporadic.