Spare Pre-Paid Phone Cards?

I've become a big fan of the Imus Morning Show, listening to it everyday on my way to work. Lately, Imus has been very critical of the Administration and Congress for not providing more assistance to soldiers and their families. For instance, Rick Santorum was a guest on yesterday's program, and Imus drilled him on why death benefits for the families of soldiers killed in Iraq were only $12,000. Santorum, the literal panty waste that he is, was proud to announce that Congress has actually doubled that amount from $6,000. As if that is something to be proud of. Imus' concern stems from a recent trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, where he realized that the conditions and equipment injured soldiers received were not on par with the level of sacrifice they had given to end up in the hospital. He rightfully blames the Congress and Administration for not doing more for the troops they've sent off to be killed and injured in a war of choice. On the same note, a caller on today's program explained that pre-paid calling cards were the number one request from soldiers at Walter Reed. Apparently the government isn't covering phone charges, which has led to a rationing of phone minutes among the hospitalized. Needless to say, Imus wasn't very happy about this news:
"The number one request at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center was phone cards. The government doesn't pay long distance phone charges, you can't even make that up, and wounded soldiers are rationing their calls home and a lot of them will be their at Walter Reed for the holidays. Well I'll buy ten thousand dollars worth of phone cards and send it to them. Here is where you can send your phone cards..." Walter Reed Medical Family Assistance Center, 6900 Georgia Ave., NW, Washington, DC, 20307-5001
If you've got any spare change lying around, or even some spare phone cards, give a thought to sending them to the above address. I couldn't imagine being there and not having the means to talk to my friends and family because I couldn't afford a long distance phone call. This makes me even more upset when I think about how much money certain corporations tied to this Administration are making from this war. Not to mention the fact that that asshole Rumsfeld still has a job. I could go on, but won't. Just try and send a phone card if you have the means.