Things I've Seen

Movies I've seen in the past three weeks: * Ocean's Twelve: Saw it last night, and didn't think it was very good. Great cast, but the story was a little hard to follow because it seemed as though they were writing the script as the movie unfolded. The problem with this is that there was absolutely no explanation for various plot twists and new character introductions, which makes things less believable. Even though it was so-so, I'd say it was entertaining, and probably best suited for a rental/flight. * Closer: Great story. Great cast. Great movie. I heard a lot of people (girls) mumbling on the way out of the theater that the movie was disturbing, but I think they were just having a difficult time dealing with one of the major themes of the movie: the truth hurts. Of course, another major theme is that Natalie Portman is beautiful (and a good actress). * Kinsey: Another excellent movie. It's all about sex--boring sex, kinky sex, all kinds of sex. And it's all about how prudish people deny their sexuality and try to deny others' sexuality because they aren't comfortable with their own. In this sense, it's a great movie for a country that has a collective hernia if a boob comes out on television for a split second or when sex is used to sell football. Liam Neeson is really good, and should get a nomination for his role as Alfred Kinsey. Tonight I'm going to see The Blind Boys of Alabama at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco (work perk!). These guys are pretty amazing--they met at a blind school in Alabama many years ago, and are now one of the best gospel groups around. They recently put out an album with Ben Harper, which I strongly recommend. If anyone has any other movie suggestions or reviews, let me know.