Things I've Seen

This weekend (I had babysitting duty so there was some extra time for movies!): * Friday night I saw The House Of Flying Daggers, an awesome Chinese film in the same mold as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. The cinematography is beautiful, the plot is very interesting, and the fight scenes are awesome. I highly recommend this one, even if you aren't into these types of movies. * Rented Collateral and Born Rich last night. Collateral was good--lots of action, intensity, and good acting. I hadn't realized how good of an actor Jamie Foxx was until I saw him in Ray, and he is just as good in a supporting role here (he received a Golden Globe nomination for this role). Tom Cruise plays a decent bad-ass hitman, too. Born Rich is a documentary by Jamie Johnson, the 21 year old heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. The film is his attempt to understand the effects of inheriting so much money, and in the process he interviews various other "rich kids" about how they are dealing with their own wealth. Included in this group are Ivanka Trump, Josiah Hornblower (Vanderbilt/Whitney heir), S.I. Newhouse IV (media heir), Luke Weil (gaming heir), and Cody Franchetti (textile heir). Some of these people are more grounded than others, but many of them have this strange complex about not wanting to talk about their money and worry about the social perception of having so much money. I think a lot of them were concerned that they would be widely recognizable because of their money, but the fact is, you probably wouldn't recognize any of these people on the street unless you were also a part of the top .001% of the richest class. I mean, it's one thing to be rich and recognizable like Paris Hilton, and it's a totally different thing to be rich and Jaime Johnson. They are not mutually exclusive, but that is how these people see themselves. Overall, if you like documentaries, you'll probably like this film. Has anyone seen A Day Without Mexicans ? I rented this also, but haven't had a chance to see it yet. I've heard it's really good. Briefly, it's about what would happen if all the Mexicans suddenly disappeared from California. I'd imagine all hell would break loose, and the same would happen in any other place!