Update: Renewal of Iraq

According to the White House, we haven't made any progress in Renewing Iraq since October 21st, 2004. I'm sure there is a good explanation for the lack of updates, so I'd be glad to give the White House a helping hand: * The Washington Times reports that preparations for the January 30th Iraqi National Elections are going swimmingly. With 6 weeks to go we've registered .25% of eligible voters! As Major Ben Wild notes, "[The Iraqis] are very excited about democracy!" Whoa! Don't all register at once, Iraq! * Iraqi President Ghazi Yawar is optimistic about his country's future: "This could in the long term create an environment in which an Iraqi Hitler could emerge like the one created by the defeat of Germany and the humiliation of Germans in World War I," Yawar told the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper." At least he didn't say another Saddam Hussein! * Today, December 13th 2004, is the 1st Anniversary of Saddam Hussein's capture!! The day was marked by violence across Iraq, including a suicide car bombing that killed 13 people in Baghdad and a report that seven U.S. Marines died in combat in western Iraq. So you see, there is clearly no reason to read anything into the lack of updates coming from the White House on our renewal efforts in Iraq.