Something that seems to be lost in all the tsunami coverage is the fact that it looks like thousands of Americans have lost their lives:
AS MANY as 5000 Americans are still unaccounted for a week after the world's deadliest tsunami pounded a dozen countries across the Indian Ocean, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said today.Mr Powell told reporters aboard his plane en route to Bangkok that the confirmed toll of Americans still stood at 15 with a defence department worker listed as missing. "The number of private citizens or citizens unaccounted for still lingers around 4-5000," he said, adding the figure was based on phone calls from relatives or friends inquiring about their whereabouts.
As Far East notes, if 5000 people are still missing, most of them are probably not coming back. And a few days ago, Digby also expressed some amazement that we haven't heard much about the seemingly high American death toll. Has there been much attention paid to this? I haven't been watching or following the television coverage of the tsunami, so I wouldn't necessarily know. I would think, though, that (about) 5,000 dead Americans would at least merit more attention from the press, if not from the Administration.