James Dobson Goes To The Movies For Your Kids So You Don't Have To

Via The American Street, I noticed this handy guide to movies from James Dobson's Focus on Fascism the Family organization. It's particularly helpful if you want to know how many times the word "fuck" was used in Closer ("about 40, with a handful of 'shits'"), the sexual content of Racing Stripes ("There's a bit of magnetism between animals that comes across in subtly sexualized humor meant to go over the heads of youngsters while amusing their parents"), or the spiritual content of Darkness ("The entire plot hinges on ritualistic satanic sacrifice"). I especially enjoyed this hot description of the sexual content in The Incredibles:
Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl revel in their visibly passionate relationship. Quick kisses, longing gazes, lingering touches and wink-wink romanticism hint at some of the best things marriage has to offer. Elastigirl becomes concerned that Mr. Incredible has developed a wandering eye, but she's proved wrong. Elsewhere, Mirage wears an outfit that reveals a bit of cleavage. (All the superhero getups are skintight.)
Some of the best things marriage has to offer?? I need a cold shower! Overall, this is a great resource if you want your kids to grow up being square like their parents.