This is funny. "Hardcore Porn Takes Over Political Site":
LONDON (Reuters) - A Conservative party association in the small Welsh town of Delyn is trying to buy back its Web site domain name after it was taken over by pornographers. The site once promoted the activities of the local Conservative association, offering news about area councilors and useful contact numbers. Now users are confronted with offers to buy hardcore movies featuring group, lesbian and anal sex, as well a raft of explicit images of naked women.
This is my favorite part, though:
A spokesman for Welsh Conservatives -- who stressed he had not seen the offending site -- said the problem arose when the Delyn conservatives took on a new Internet address but forgot to renew their ownership of the old name, which was subsequently snapped up by a pornographer. "It was brought to our attention by a student from Oxford University who was logging onto the site to do some research," he added.
A twofer! The classic "It wasn't me looking at porn" defense, paired with the "Just doing my anatomy homework!" excuse. Yeah, we believe you.