Pimp of the Nation

PusBoy notes the classy line-up scheduled for the Kick Ass Inauguration later this month. Joining Gloria Estefan (which Bush is getting inaugurated?), John Michael Montgomery (who?), and Kelsey Grammer (representing the sacredness of the institution of remarriage), will be the "teenage singer Jo Jo joined by Kid Rock." Yes, the same Kid Rock who, in his passionate ballad Pimp of the Nation, eloquently sang,
While you be left pimpin Barbra Bush What's up granny First name Annie Dried up cunt and a saggin fanny The highlight of your sex adventures You wanna suck this take out your denchers A show of life is all I'm givin Old pimp young hoes is how I'm livin But for now rap's the occupation But watch one day I'll be Pimp Of The Nation
And also the same Kid Rock who has been known to dress in the American flag:


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