Quick Math

Today's math lesson is brought to you by the country of Iraq: Where the Road To Democracy is Paved With Bombs and Bodies: 200,000 insurgents > 150,000 US Soldiers 1 assassinated Baghdad governor + 1 attack on Allawi's HQ = 2nd thoughts There are 26 days until the Iraqi elections and it is becoming quite clear that a) we don't have enough troops to provide the security required to pull off this election and, b) we are quickly losing the numbers game of us vs. them. The fact of the matter is that both of these things have been quite clear for a long time and we've done little to stop them. As a result, any intentions of bringing real democracy to the Middle East are now a pipe dream bomb, and in it's place is a smoke and mirrors campaign (surprise!), aimed directly at the American public, charged with creating the impression that democracy is both easy and messy, and that things are really going swell, no matter what those pessimistic liberals might say. TalkLeft notes that both the interim President of Iraq and the Defense Minister are questioning the rationality of holding elections at the end of the month. At what point will the puppet masters agree? At what point will we witness the Flip Flop to end all Flip Flops?